Proven technology – Ready to scale

EnCoat is a research and technology organization that optimizes antifouling coating solutions for enhanced efficiency, environmental sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. As part of the Scanventure group, EnCoat contributes to the investment in sustainable transition companies.

EnCoat collaborates with major global players to drive the industry’s transition towards more sustainable antifouling solutions. In 2021, the organization received support from the Danish Maritime Fond.

Originally, EnCoat began as a consultancy for the coating industry, providing R&D support. Over time, they expanded their focus to include testing encapsulation techniques for enzymes and biocides. Initially targeting the yacht market, they have now shifted their attention to the maritime industry. The encapsulation method used by EnCoat is patented and introduces minimal changes to the coating formulation.

” Most solutions within the maritime industry are a decade away. Development, approvals and general obstacles delay everything. The solution EnCoat has works today! It has the potential to protect the oceans and make the solution cheaper.”

– CEO, Andreas Møgelhøj