Coating optimisation towards a more sustainable future

 Static raft testing in DK

Raft test from 2020 our formulation in red, black, and blue. The panel in the upper left corner of the raft is a blank non-treated panel. The teal panels at the far right are commercially available coatings used as reference. The findings from these tests show that the pigmentation of the coating, does not change the functionality of the coating. The picture to the left is before cleaning after a five-month period in Horsens harbor. The photo to the right is after cleaning. The slime and algae were easily removed after light hosing.

Raft test from 2021 our formulation in black and blue. The upper left corner is a non-coated blank panel. The panels on the far right of the raft, red, are commercially available coatings used as reference. The photo to the left was taken after a 5-month testing period. The picture to the right was taken shortly after the raft had been cleaned. Algae and slime on the coating were easily removed after light washing. The mussels and barnacles were only growing on the raft, and not on the coated panels.

Raft test from 2022 our formulation in red tested in Jyllinge and Horsens harbor over a 5-month period. The panels to the far right have been hosed with water. The slime and algae were not sticking to the surface and were easily removed from the panel after light washing.

We have adjusted the biocide levels to guarantee the cleanest surface with the lowest amount of toxins as possible. To keep the oceans clean and provide a cheap and efficient product.