Impressive Results: 2019 Yacht Coating Test Program


30 boats give Aero/G coating top grade

In 2019, we conducted a comprehensive test program with over 30 yacht boats across Denmark. The results were fantastic! All boats had clean bottoms with minimal slime, easily washed off with a hose. Participants praised the coating’s efficiency and easy application. The Danish Boat magazine’s 2019 test results also recognized EnCoat’s solution.

Satisfied participants, including Per, Knud Erik, Ib, and Thomas, who sail in Limfjorden and Kattegat, described the coating as super-effective. Despite limited sailing, Per’s boat Line had only a thin layer of removable slime. Explore more pictures on our Facebook page.

Join the ranks of satisfied boat owners who have experienced the benefits of our trusted and effective yacht coating.


Satisfied Sailors’ Feedback: The Coating’s Effectiveness

Per, Knud Erik, Ib, and Thomas, experienced sailors in Limfjorden and Kattegat, shared their feedback after using our coating for a season. They unanimously agreed that it was a super-effective solution. Per, owner of the boat “Line,” mentioned that despite limited sailing, the bottom had only a small layer of slime, easily removed with a high-pressure water hose. For more pictures, visit our Facebook page.

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I was astonished to see how clean the bottom was. Before I used to use high-pressurized water and a scrapper. Using this new coating all I needed was a soft brush, a bucket of water and hose. I want to thank Encoat to be able to test this. I want to use it in the future.

– Test participant, 2019